2019 Lake District Pound

The new and stunning 2019 designs for the Lake District Pound are now available - discover what they are, how to get them and where to spend them. 

What Is The Lake District Pound (LD£)

The Lake District Pound, also referred to as LD£, is a regional currency specifically for the Lake District and was created to enable visitors and locals alike to demonstrate their support for the Lakes. With many Lakeland businesses signed up to accept the LD£, it provides an easy way to not only support local businesses but also to fund local community and conservation projects through the Cumbria Community Foundation and the Lake District Foundation.

The Lake District Pound is an annual currency, with the designs changing each year. The regional currency has four denominations – a one pound note, a five pound note, a ten pound note and a twenty pound note featuring Charlotte Mason, Beatrix Potter, Sir Chris Bonnington and Hardwicke Rawnsley respectively.

2019 Lake District Pound Denominations


The Lake District Pound 2019 Designs

Each year the design of the LD£ changes and the designs for the 2019 currency are by the local Cumbrian portrait artist Rebecca Gill.

The One Pound Design – Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason is perhaps the least well-known character to feature on the 2019 Lake District Pound. Charlotte was a forward-thinking educationalist who, in 1891 at Ambleside, established the House Of Education for the development of those working with young children – essentially what we would now recognise as a teacher training college.

2019 Lake District Pound Front

The one pound note which bears her image asks the question ”What if your books came to like?” and also carries the message “Step outside and see”. The one pound note is decorated with a book whose pages are flying off, birds on the wing and flowers. The reverse side carries skyline with the summits of Fairfield and Great Rigg identified.

2019 Lake District Pound Rear


The Five Pound Design - Beatrix Potter

The five-pound note carries the image of a young Beatrix Potter who is now known for much more than being the writer of children’s books such as 'The Tale Of Peter Rabbit', 'The Tale Of Squirrel Nutkin', etc. Miss Potter’s portrait shows her holding a bunch of wildflowers and surrounded by fauna including a dragonfly, rabbit, butterfly and mouse.

Lake District Pound - Beatrix Potter

The note the theme ‘Creativity & Freedom’ and is accompanied with the phrases “Let your imagination go wild” and “There’s magic everywhere”. The reverse side of the LD£ 5 note shows a Lakeland skyline with the peaks of Fleetwith Pike and Haystacks identified, with a rabbit in the foreground.  

Lake District Pound - Beatrix Potter Reverse Side


The Ten Pound Design – Sir Chris Bonington

Sir Chris Bonington, along with Beatrix Potter, are the two most well-known people to be featured on the 2019 designs of the Lake District pound denominations. Adorned in his outdoor gear, the portrait of Sir Chris Bonington is surrounded by images of activities – hiking, scrambling, camping and an athletic Nordic walker (possibly Sir Chris himself?).

Lake District Pound - Sir Chris Bonington

The theme of the note is “Resilience & Determination” and the note has the phrase “There are always horizons to go beyond” and asks the question “What will your adventure be?”. The reverse of the LD£ 10 notes has a Lakes skyline showing the peaks of St Sunday Crag and Helvellyn, with a compass symbol in the foreground.

Lake District Pound - Sir Chris Bonington Reverse


The Twenty Pound Design – Hardwicke Rawnsley

The largest denomination of the Lake District Pound is a twenty-pound note, the 2019 issue of which carries the portrait of Hardwicke Rawnsley. The name Rawnsley may be familiar to visitors of Keswick via the building which carries his name – the Rawnsley Hall. Amongst many things, Hardwicke Rawnsley was responsible for the establishment of the School of Industrial Art in Keswick. He was also in part responsible for establishing Keswick High School. Throughout his time in the Lake District, he was a strong advocate of conservation through his own initiatives and through collaboration with others.

The twenty-pound note that bears a portrait of a young Hardwicke Rawnsley has the theme “Love for the Landscape”, and carries the phrases “Find your fascination” and “The more we care the more we can enjoy”. The LD£ 20 note is decorated with oak leaves with acorns, fells, a rower and a rambler.

Lake District Pound - Rawnsley

One the reverse side of the note is a Lake District skyline with the peaks of Dow Crag and the Old Man Of Coniston identified. Oak leaves and acorns are shown in the foreground.

Lake District Pound - Rawnsley - Reverse


Obtaining Your LD£’s

There are three easy ways to obtain your regional Lake District currency.

Exchange Sterling For LD£’s

You can exchange your sterling currency for Lake District Pounds at most Post Offices and Tourist Information Centres. Exchanging is absolutely free – the exchange rate is LD£ 1 for £1 sterling, no fees are involved.

Ask For LD£ Change

At any participating shop or outlet that displays the LD£ Accepted Here logo, you can ask for your change to be given in Lake District Pounds.

Order Online

Through the Lake District Pound website, you can order an LD£ 50 pack of notes along with a presentation packs, presentation envelopes, etc. You can visit the website here.

Lake District Pound Accepted Here


Spending Your LD£’s

There are now hundreds of opportunities to spend your Lake District Pounds and in doing so support the local economy of the Lake District. The list of shops and retail outlets that accept the LD£ continues to grow. Look for the logo below to find places where your LD£ is accepted. Alternatively, you can view a complete list of firms where you can spend your LD£’s here.

How Long Are The Lake District Pounds Valid?

The Lake District Pound is an annual currency which means that it is valid for just over a year. New designs are issued in December and are valid until the end of January in the following year. That means the 2019 LD£’s are valid until 31 January 2020.

Exchanging Your LD£’s

You can exchange your LD£’s for sterling by visiting any Post Office which participates in the Exchange scheme or by visiting an LD£ Exchange Point. There are no currency exchange fees or costs involved, so for each LD£ exchanged you will get one pound sterling.

The LD£ Passport Trail


The Lake District Pound Passport (LD£ Passport) can be picked up at any LD£ Exchange point. You can use the passport to record your purchases by receiving a stamp in your passport every time you spend your LD£’s.